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Taboo Relics Lightning Mugs, the first rapid, low production, permanent embossed logo cocktail mugs. Ten custom embossed ceramic cocktail mugs made in Orlando, Florida, and shipped within 30 days. 

I set out to make custom embossed mugs attainable to home bars, small businesses, those looking to celebrate personal milestones, or even for fundraising purposes. Looking to keep reasonable timelines, sensible quantity, and budget friendly, all while maintaining the quality of being handmade by us, in our studio. The biggest hurdle was designing and engineering a process that opened up the possibility of making embossed mugs, rather than resorting to transfers that would fade, or "score & slip applique" that could pop off . Embossed mugs give a sense of permanence and legitimacy. Traditionally, embossed mugs mean either long lead times, high minimum quantities, or prices that are higher than most can justify. We have designed a way to put personalized mugs within reach.

Offering them in batches of 10 at a time, allows us to keep molds in good, fresh working condition. It also keeps the door open to others that want to have mugs made. Again, the idea is to try to keep timelines reasonable.

The mugs we are offering will be in 5 partially standardized designs, with a broad range of color options. We can use your existing logo, we will add it to a rendering, and get your approval before mold production. If you don't have a logo, we have a professional graphic designer that has offered to help for a small upcharge. You'll get three options to choose from that will be your logo to use however you like. Once we finalize your logo, and your approval, The 30-day timer starts and we're off!!!

*** Logos, names, and concept must be for establishment or organizations you own. We will not be making any product using imagery, or property you are not licensed to use. By submitting a logo, you are agreeing to these terms that you have proper use of the design. No hate speech, political affiliation, contraband, or otherwise offensive language or imagery will be accepted, or tolerated. 

***Sales of mugs are acceptable after delivery. Do not offer pre-order to your clients until you have received the shipment from us. We will not be answering to your clients as to where the mugs are within 30 day window. We will also not be shipping to your clients, you will receive the bulk order, and you will be responsible for safely shipping them out to your buyers. Mugs damaged in secondary shipping are not our responsibility. We only ensure safe delivery for the primary, initial buyer 

***Emails marked "approval needed" will pause the 30 day timer until you respond. If you don't respond  to the information we are needing for 25 days, We can't make your mug in only 5 days. 


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