Collection: The Grand Bouquet

 The Grand Bouquet.
101 pieces will be available. These are ready to ship. We wanted it to be in your hands in time for the holidays. 
$200 (+$15 shipping).
This project has been a huge milestone for us. Without a doubt, his was a passion project. This is my dream mug.
 I wanted the vivid colors, and distinct features that are evocative of paradise. The matte exterior that showcases the softness of the flowers. I wanted a traditional theme with a completely non-traditional design. I wanted a bold, dramatic edge. I want this to be a statement piece.
Thank you all for being so patient while we got this ready, we just wanted to make sure it was right.
Each mug will include a Hibiscus umbrella from our friends @the_tiny_umbrella ! The colors matched so perfectly, we are thrilled to be able to share them with you
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